Pedalsport Social Ride Diary

Share your social rides with us by emailing with the details:

What: Is it a road ride, off-road ride or other. How far (time or distance)
Organiser: Who is the ride organiser
Who: Rough guide to age/ability/fitness levels needed (see British Cycling guidelines below)
Where: Start point – give a postcode if you can. Are there any facilities (parking/toilets/changing)
When: Date/Time
Details: Any other key details – route if possible.


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British Cycling Guidelines: Club/Group Ride/Training Session – on the public highway
Best practice is….

  • Have a predetermined start time and communicate the route to all participants.
  • All participants should comply with the Highway Code.
  • All adult participants are responsible for their own well-being during the ride and
    should be prepared for situations such as adverse weather conditions,
    mechanical problems and flat tyres.
  • Have emergency procedures and communicate them to all participants. This
    should include emergency procedures for incidents that riders may experience
    during a ride (eg punctures, mechanical problems, changes in environmental
    conditions, accidents involving one or more members of the group).
  • Have procedures in place to ensure that individual riders are not left on their
    own during the session.
  • All riders should be aged 12 years or older, and be competent at a level
    equivalent to the Level 2 Cycle Training Standards.
  • There is a greater duty of care for riders under the age of 18 years. Therefore, if
    there are riders aged 12-18 years in the group, somebody will need to take
    responsibility for these riders and ensure they are not left on their own during
    the session.
  • Have a signed parental consent form for all riders under the age of 18 years.
  • All under-16 riders should be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • All riders should be encouraged to take part in activities that are within their
  • All riders must wear a helmet.