Roll of Honour

Rider of the Year                               Awarded to the exceptional rider during the year
2009 Paul Daly
2010 Jack Clarkson
2011 Chris Taylor
2012 Levi Moody
2013 Clare Crabtree
2014 Chris Young
2015 Max Rushby

Junior of the Year                            Awarded to the exceptional Junior rider during the year
2009 Ben Pygott
2010 Jenson Young
2011 Levi Moody
2012 Matt Taylor
2013 Toby Kershaw
2014 Eddie Townend
2015 Jenson Young

Most Improved Rider                    Awarded to the most improved rider during the year
2009 Jack Clarkson
2010 Julian Hodgson
2011 Carol Brown
2012 Brian Perks
2013 Rick Crabtree
2014 Tim Kershaw
2015 Mark Hiley/ Simeon Young

Clubman of the Year                     Awarded for the biggest contibution to the club during the year
2009 Judith Rushby
2010 Chris Stiff
2011 Janet Barrett
2012 Max Rushby
2013 Philippa Walton & Clare Hiley
2014 Mark Rushby, Keith Finnett, Andy Westwell, Chris Whearty, Phil Ingham, Steve Barrett, Sunny Curwin, Jane Curwin
2015 Jo Finnett

Janet Barrett Memorial Trophy            Awarded based on Pedalsport Under 14 Cyclo Cross Races
2010 Bryan Barrett
2011 Matt Taylor
2012 Thomas Nelson
2013 Jenson Young
2014 Jenson Young
2015 Holly Deavin/Noah Ellison

Girls Cyclo Cross Champion                     Based on 3 Pedalsport races
2012 Lucy Whearty
2013 Lucy Whearty
2014 Lucy Whearty

Club Cyclo Cross Champion                     Based on 3 Pedalsport races
2012 Chris Taylor
2013 James Dalton
2014 Chris Taylor

Ladies Club Cyclo Cross Champion         Based on 3 Pedalsport Races
2012 Liz Taylor
2013 Nikola Butler
2014  –

Attendance Trophy (Sessions attended in brackets)
2014: Ethan Geall (40), Matthew Warriner (39), Ben Warriner (38), Amelia Finnett (34), Thomas Partington (34), Danny Finnett (33), George Scholes (32), Joe Coukham (32), Amelia Walton (31), Astrid Hiley (30), Max Rushby (30).

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