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Pedalsport CC Membership – What’s New for 2017

  • Pedalsport Cycling Club’s 2017 membership covers the full calendar year (i.e. 1 Jan – 31 Dec). Membership purchased from 9 Nov 2016 will now include full year membership for 2017.30142306934_6bde08124f_z
  • Join Online: All membership applications must now be made online. This helps us keep in touch with you via email and reduces admin and money handling at sessions. Online membership is via the British Cycling website, where you must first set up a free account. A British Cycling membership is recommended, but not necessary to join Pedalsport CC.
  • Kids Join Too: New for 2017 is the requirement for all Go-Ride (Saturday “bike club”) riders to become club members (either Under 12 or Youth as appropriate). All riders must become members and pay online before attending their first Go-Ride session of 2017.
  • Session Fees: Members will benefit from continuing to pay £2.50 per session – riders who do not become club members will pay £5.00 per session. New riders will be able to attend their first session for £2.50, and will then need to join the club to continue attendance at the club member rate.
  • T-Shirts for Under-12s: Under-12s have the option of purchasing a Pedalsport t-shirt with their membership (see options above) for £16 (£10 membership plus £6 for T-shirt). Range of sizes available. T-shirts are also available for purchase separately for £12.
  • Membership Renewal – obviously we’d like as many members as possible to renew their membership before the New Year. When sessions resume on 3 January, members must have renewed their membership or they will be charged £5 per session (usual fee £2.50). This will apply to evening sessions and Go-Ride sessions on Saturdays.

join20172017 Adult Membership
All members aged 16 or over on day of applying for membership. Cost £20. Valid till 31/12/2017.

join20172017 Youth Membership
All members aged 12, 13, 14 or 15 on day of applying for membership. Cost £10. Valid till 31/12/2017.

join20172017 Under-12 Membership
All members 11 years old or younger on the day of application. Cost £10. Valid till 31/12/2017.

join20172017 Under-12 Membership including T-shirt
All members 11 years old or younger on the day of application. Includes Pedalsport technical T-shirt (see pic below), which can be collected from Saturday morning sessions from the first session after the Christmas/New Year break. Cost £16 (£10 membership plus £6 for T-shirt). Valid till 31/12/2017.

Member benefits include:

  • session fees of £2.50 (other clubs using the Brooksbank Circuit charge £5 per session)
  • access to six weekly sessions
  • the biggest pool of expert club coaches of any club in the North of England
  • tap in to proven race winning coaching
  • access to the advice and expertise of the Pedalsport shop
  • the club runs social events, club races & regional races