Meet Our Coaches

Mark Rushby: A medal winner in Cyclo-Cross as a Junior and a former national champion at Cycle Speedway, Mark has also raced on the road. He specialises in coaching the advanced adult and youth groups within the club. British Cycling Level 2 Coach

Rick Crabtree:
A regular and successful competitor in Cyclo-Cross, Rick has also race on the road and in mountain bike races. Rick often coaches adult and youth sessions, both in Road and Cyclo-Cross sessions. British Cycling Level 2 Coach

Keith Finnett: An experienced Mountain Biker, Keith also rides in Sportives and Cyclo-Cross races. He is often to be found coaching our Saturday morning Go-Ride and youth sessions, as well as adult and youth road sessions. British Cycling Level 2 Coach

Phil Ingham:
A regular competitor in Cyclo-Cross and Mountain Bike events, Phil’s background is in off-road motorcycle sport. He often coaches youth, Go-Ride and Cyclo-Cross sessions, as well as Adult beginners & improvers. British Cycling Level 2 Coach.

Brian Perks: one of the country’s leading over-60 cyclo-cross riders, Brian is also an IT wizard and brings an analytical approach to his coaching. British Cycling Level 2 Coach.

Jill Davidson: an experienced mountain biker, Jill has ridden many of the UK’s leading trail centres. A school teacher by profession, Jill has worked extensively with the Saturday morning Go-Ride sessions. British Cycling Level 2 Coach.

Spencer Blackmore: A background in the military means that Spencer takes few prisoners during his sessions, specialising in particular with running sessions for the club’s up and coming Youth road riders. British Cycling Level 2 Coach.

Steve Coukham: Steve’s extensive mountain bike and cyclo-cross racing experience means he can call upon an encyclopedic knowledge of riding off road during his sessions that are often aimed at Youth riders. British Cycling Level 2 Coach.

Sunny Curwen: Sunny is one of the club;s longest serving coaches and he now specialises in coaching triathlon. British Cycling Level 2 Coach.

Jane Curwen: Jane is another long-serving coach who has provided the club with a range of coaching. In her own time, Jane is a highly successful triathlete, having completed several ironman events. British Cycling Level 2 Coach.

Julie Ingham: A background in a number of sports, including tennis, sailing and horse riding, means that Julie’s recent conversion to coaching cycling brings with it an excellent all-round knowledge of how sport works for all ages and abilities. British Cycling Level 2 Coach.

Clare Smith: Clare has raced off-road for several seasons with considerable success and is also an accomplished triathlete. British Cycling Level 2 Coach.

Chris Whearty: Another of the club’s long-serving coaches, Chris has coached a wide range of activities and ages and abilities.

Chris Young: Chris works for British Cycling and coaching is a key element of his job. He’s a multiple national Cyclo-Cross champion and raced on and off road professionally. He occasionally coaches for the club.

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