Brooksbank Cycle Circuit – How To Ride The Circuit

Most of the club’s activities are based at the Brooksbank Cycle circuit.  We recommend all new riders read the safety and etiquette guidelines below and view the video.

Riding the Circuit – Etiquette and Safety 

Please go to the clubhouse, sign on and pay your session fee before joining the circuit. Please don’t start riding on the circuit until you have been given clearance to do so by the session coach – a previous session may still be using the circuit. The coach may also be carrying out an inspection of the circuit to make sure it’s safe to use.

If it’s your first session with the club, please introduce yourself to the coach before attempting to join the session.

We ride in both directions around the circuit and also use both options when the track splits at the back of the circuit. Always follow the coaches’ instructions carefully and ride in the same direction and on the same version of the circuit as everyone else.

1/ OVERTAKING – Always overtake on the outside and ride on the inside when not doing so. Hold your line (i.e. don’t move sideways) when being overtaken. Overtake smoothly and move out well in advance.

2/ RIDE ON THE INSIDE – If there are two or more groups of riders on the circuit at the same time, it is important to allow space around the outside for faster riders to overtake. However, don’t ride too close to the inside of the circuit as this forces you wide on corners – instead ride at least 2m out on the straights and use that space to cut in a little for the corners to make them easier, but without forcing you wider and potentially into the path of a passing rider. The diagrams below both feature the same radius curve, showing that, if you start to corner from close to the inside, you are forced to ride wide. Which is then going to force riders trying to overtake you into going even wider, or potentially off the circuit.

line2  line3

3/ LOOK BEHIND YOU – Always look over your shoulder whenever you move out to overtake, or even to change from the front on the faster line when riding “through and off” (i.e. in a moving chain).

4/ WHO ELSE IS RIDING? – be aware of other riders around you and on the circuit as a whole.

5/ IN AND OUT – take extra care when joining or leaving the circuit.

6/ IS IT SAFE? Only overtake, or indeed make any manoeuvre, if you are sure it’s safe. Delaying a move to allow a group to pass you is always a sensible option.

7/ BE SMOOTH – as well ask taking your time to make sure it’s safe, try to make all your changes of speed and direction as smooth as possible – this means you will be riding predictably and therefore less likely to surprise an overtaking rider. Riding smoothly also reduces the chances of a slip or slide.

8/ TALK TALK – don’t be afraid to communicate, within your own group and with other groups.

9/ ASK THE COACH – If in doubt, ask the session coach for advice.

Now, have another look at the video below and see how many of our own rules we broke when shooting it! In our defence, is was our first night on the circuit and we’d not yet worked out how to ride it safely.

Circuit plan



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