Go-Ride FAQ

Pedalsport Go-Ride FAQ

Welcome to Pedalsport Go-Ride. Here are some answers to some commonly asked questions.

1. How does my child progress from group to group?

Progression from the 10am to 9am group depends on biking ability; coaches meet regularly to discuss the progress of all attendees. Coaches will speak to you if they feel your child should move groups, but if you have any concerns please approach any member of the coaching team. We find that the more regular the attendance the better the progression. Each group will cover the same cycling skills, just adapted to the group’s ability. Coaching programmes for both groups will be available to view on the sign up table and on the wall of the clubhouse.

9am: Advanced (Aimed at training for races)/Intermediate A groups

10am: Intermediate B and Beginners groups.

2. Can my child attend the Tuesday Under-12’s 7pm-8pm session?

Yes, if your child attends the 9am go-ride session or by coaches invitation. The Tuesday session tends to be more race specific (cross and track) and works at a higher tempo and skills level. If your child attends this session you can also access the track for the tempo session if you are a member of the club.

3. My child has a younger sibling; can they ride their balance bike/bike on the track or on the grassed areas?

No, unless…

a) Parents have signed a go-ride form-this is for insurance purposes so nobody can ride the track without one. Please approach one of the admin team to complete this.

b) Children are supervised by a parent on the area allocated for balance/bikes with stabilisers. We will set out an area for this at the top of the track by the car park 10am-11am. Please keep your child in this area. The 9am session uses the entire track so no cyclists other than the ones attending this session please.

c) Parents pay £1, this helps us finance the track hire and they do not have to be members of the club. As soon as children can handle a bike without stabilisers, can brake safely and have good listening skills they can join the 10am beginner’s session.

4. During the session can I interact with my child?

Coaches ask that you do not engage with your children during the session, please let the coaches coach, whilst you enjoy watching your child or come and get a cup of coffee in the clubhouse! If you would like to be involved in the session we welcome ‘parental helpers’ please approach a member of the coaching team for more information.

5. My child is interested in racing but I don’t know where to start

Please speak to any member of the coaching team. Pedalsport under 12’s represent the club in a variety of cycling disciplines but mostly Cyclo-Cross (winter series from September to January, Summer series from April-July) and Circuit racing (March-July). Race and series details can be found on Facebook and online, details below:

– Circuit racing (tarmac): White Rose Youth League http://www.whiteroseyouthleague.co.uk/

– Cyclo-Cross: Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross https://yorkshirecyclocross.com/

6. How can I assist the coaches?

a) Please ensure your child wears their helmet at all times when riding their bike.

b) Ensure your child’s bike is in good working condition, if you have any concerns about bike sizing or suitability please approach a coach, they will be happy to advice. For more details: https://www.britishcycling.org.uk/knowledge/bike-kit/

c) In bad weather please ensure you have the correct attire, gloves are a must, long trousers and beanies are also desirable.

d) Get involved! The go-ride sessions are all run by volunteers, if you can help with sign on please let one of the admin team know.

GDPR and how your data is used

The Go-Ride form filled in by parents on your child’s first session is stored in a locked area within the clubhouse with restricted access (Coaches and lead admin). The data given is primarily used for:

a) The administration of First Aid

b) Emergency contact

c) Checking club membership with British Cycling.

Go-ride membership forms are not shared with 3rd parties.

Thank you

The Pedalsport coaching team