Extraordinary General Meeting

The club’s Extraordinary General Meeting took place on Thursday 9 March. The minutes of the meeting are available as a download at the foot of this page. The club’s committee as elected on the evening is as follows:

Dan Lomas – Chairperson
Mark Hiley – Vice Chairperson
Keith Finnett – Secretary
Brian Perks – Treasurer
Claire Hiley – Child Welfare Officer
Spencer Blackmore – Social Secretary
Chris Stiff – Race Director
Phil Ingham – Communications Officer
Corinne Kielty – Women’s Officer
Ben Holmes – Youth Officer
Emma-Rose Geall – Co-Opted member
Mark Ragan – Co-Opted member
Rick Crabtree – Ex-Officio member (coach)
David Walton – Ex-Officio member (coach)
Jill Davidson – Ex-Officio member (coach)
Adam Hughes – Ex-Officio member (coach)
Paul (Wingy) Hughes – Ex-Officio member (coach)
Clare Smith – Ex-Officio member (coach)

EGM – minutes 110317

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