September 2016 Pedalsport Club Newsletter

Dear Pedalsport Member,

Welcome to the September 2016 Pedalsport CC newsletter. We are once again rounding up the action of the last month and looking ahead to what’s coming up in the next few weeks. As ever, keep an eye on our website ( for all the latest news on our regular sessions – any cancellations and updates will be posted there and on our Facebook group.


We will be running a morning of Cyclo-Cross racing on Saturday 24 September for all club members, including Saturday Go-Ride members. This will be our “Club Cyclo-Cross Championships”, though we will probably run it with a similar format to Crit-Cross, with several short races per rider. All ages are welcome, but please note that your bike will need to have off-road tyres. Sign-on will be open from 8.30 and racing will begin at 9.30. There will be a session charge of £2.50 for all riders.


The annual Pedalsport Club Party will be on Friday 17th February 2017 at 7pm. We will be combining prizes, awards, food, music and games and the Heath Rugby Club in West Vale will once again be the venue. Tickets will be available soon. Pop the date in your diary. All members are very welcome!


Briefly, these are the current weekday club sessions. Full details can be found on our website – – Please check our guidance notes on suitability of these sessions “is this session for me?” before your first visit – some of the sessions are aimed at riders preparing for races and are therefore fast & technically challenging:

MONDAYS – Adult Group Riding Session (7pm-9pm) Circuit
TUESDAYS – Adult/Youth A & B Race-Training Session (7pm-9pm) Circuit
TUESDAYS – Under-12 Cyclo-Cross Training (7pm-8pm) off-road
THURSDAYS – Group Riding Club “Tempo” Session (7pm-9pm) Circuit
THURSDAYS – Adult/Youth A & B Cyclo-Cross Training (7pm-9pm) off-road

OTHER UPCOMING RACES – September/October 2016

Here’s a selection of local events in the month of September & early October. You’ll find all of them listed on the British Cycling website’s events calendar. All allow you to enter on the day.

Sat 10/09/16 White Rose League Finale (Brooksbank Circuit)
Sun 11/09/16 Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross Series Round 2 (Northallerton)
Sun 18/09/16 Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross Series Round 3 (Leeds)
Sun 02/10/16 Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross Series Round 4 (Bingley)
Sun 09/10/16 Newsome Cyclo-Cross and Yorkshire U12s Championship (Huddersfield)
Sun 16/10/16 Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross Series Round 5 (Huddersfield)
Sun 23/10/16 Middleton Park Cyclo-Cross (Leeds)
Sun 30/10/16 Yorkshire Cyclo-Cross Series Round 6 (Wakefield)

For youth riders looking to start Track riding/racing, there are several track “cluster” dates confirmed for Manchester velodrome. These are training days aimed at the local “cluster” of cycling clubs in Yorkshire. You’ll find full details on British Cycling website’s events calendar under “Coaching Session” or by filtering on the date. You need to pre-enter and pre-book a bike. All the details are on the event listings: Dates – 30th October, 22nd January.


Here’s a selection of results by Pedalsport riders in events during the month of July. We’ll no doubt have missed a few – apologies, it’s hard to keep track of every ride/result. If you get a top 3 in your category a race and want a mention in future newsletters, drop us an email to and we’ll include you next time. We’ll also include race reports if you are a budding reporter!


3 August, Huddersfield:
1 Lucy Whearty (A Girls), 3 Marcus Hiley (B Boys), 3 Robin Short (Senior Men), 3 Joe Coukham (A Boys), 3 Mike Young (V45)

13 August, Scarborough:
1 Simeon Young (Junior Men), 2 Jenson Young (A Boys), 3 Noah Ellison (D Boys), 3 Marcus Hiley (B Boys), 3 Robin Short (Senior Men).


10 August, White Rose Youth League – Hammerstones 7
1 Riley Blackmore (C boys), 2 Ewan Davies (B Boys), 2 Amelia Walton (D Girls), 2 Tylee Peers (E Girls), 3 Evie Smith (D Girls), 3 Jenson Young (A Boys), 3 Marcus Hiley (B Boys), 3 Chari Peers (C Girls), ), 3 Noah Ellison (D Boys).

24 August, White Rose Youth League – Hammerstones 8
1 Riley Blackmore (C boys), 1 Max Rushby (A Boys), 1 John Culpan (B Boys), 2 Oliver Walton (B Boys), 2 Ethan Geall (E Boys), 2 Tylee Peers (E Girls), 3 Ewan Davies (B Boys).


The Pedalsport shop has a full selection of clothing for riders of all ages and all for all types of cycling. Recently added to their stocks are short and long-sleeved skinsuits, a women-specific short-sleeved full-zip jersey and new club socks. There’s lots of pics and info on our website:

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