Club Cyclo-Cross Championships

Pedalsport CC’s first club Cyclo-Cross Championships

Saturday 24 Sept 2016
Brooksbank Cycle Circuit

  1. Max Rushby (1st Club Championships)
  2. Robin Short (2nd Club Championships)
  3. Billy Lazenby (3rd Club Championships)
  4. Joe Coukham
  5. Josh Greenwood
  6. John Ellison (1st Veteran)
  7. Carl Coughlan (2nd Veteran)
  8. Mark Rushby (3rd Veteran)
  9. Louis butler
  10. Oliver Walton
  11. Paul Hughes
  12. Lucy Whearty (1st Woman)
  13. Keith Finnett
  14. Dylan Westley
  15. Olivia Ingham (2nd Woman)
  16. Jasmin Lomas (3rd Woman)
  17. Mick Rushby (1st Vet-60)


  1. Marcus Hiley (1st Under-14)
  2. Riley Blackmore (2nd Under-14)
  3. James Clarke (3rd Under-14)
  4. Noah Ellison
  5. Holly Deavin (1st Under-14 Girl)
  6. Oliver Coughlan
  7. Jude Lomas
  8. Astrid Hiley (2nd Under-14 Girl)
  9. Amelia Walton (3rd Under-14 Girl)


  1. Evie Smith (1st Under-10)
  2. George Scholes (1st Under-8)
  3. Annie Denton (2nd Under-10)
  4. Ethan Geall (2nd Under-8)
  5. George Hughes (3rd Under-8)
  6. Noah Smith
  7. Ellis Geall
  8. Albert Jones
  9. Elsie Hughes (1st Under-8 girl)
  10. Noah Scholes
  11. Elodie Geall (2nd Under-8 girl)

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