Tuesday Sessions: 9-12 year olds

Tuesday 17th May 2016 will see the start of a six week run of road skills and fitness sessions for 9-12 year old riders who are full Pedalsport club members (£10 per year – available on the night or on the pedalsportclub.com website). The sessions will take place on the lower bottom straight of the circuit from 7-8pm. The sessions will focus on basic skills and fitness and will be suitable, in particular, for riders in the Saturday morning red group. The cost of each session will be £2.50, which covers track hire. All riders wishing to take part in the session should be at the circuit no later than 6.45pm so that we can get them registered before the session begins. Parents must stay on site during the session but, for safety reasons, not venture beyond the carpark or fenced banking area as the club’s senior riders will be race training on the circuit. Riders must not ride on the circuit before their session begins. They should wait outside the clubhouse to be escorted as a group onto the circuit at the start of the session. Again, this is for safety reasons. If you have any questions, please email pedalsport@live.com

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