Go-Ride – Changes for 2016

Return Date: Pedalsport’s Go-Ride Saturday morning club returns on 6th February 2016. Please note sign-on will now be at the entrance to the clubhouse.

Volunteers Needed: We are looking for more help with the sign-on of riders and collection of subs. If you would like to join the team, please speak to Keith or Jo at sign-on.

Changes: Over the winter break we have worked on a few changes to how we will organise and run the sessions, but for the riders (and parents) very little changes. A summary is below, but if you have any questions please speak to one of the coaching or admin team.

  • – Race weekends. The club is running monthly public races at the track on a Saturday morning, which replaces all coaching. Riders of all ages will be able to participate and races will be timed with podiums awarded on the day. The first race is the 27th February, then the 13th March and every second Saturday of the month thereafter. More details on pedalsportevents.com
  • – Rider pathway and progression. We have developed a bespoke documented rider pathway for the club which enables the coaching team to deliver content to riders applicable to their skill and experience level. This will allow us to share a programme with riders, to help them understand what they will be learning in coming weeks. We will also be looking at how all our riders perform using standard British Cycling assessments – this will allow us to move riders between our Go-Ride groups certain of their ability to learn in the group they are moving to.

Look out for more information at the track!

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