Saturday Changes – White Group Moving to 11am

Further to our recent suggested changes to our 10am Saturday Go-Ride session, we have been able to finalise an alternative plan which will allow us to avoid the need for monthly payments and up-front commitment of attendance (at least in the near term!).

To allow us to accommodate the growing number of riders, particularly in our 10am Beginner (white sticker) and Intermediate (yellow sticker) session we will be splitting this session into two from 2 May:

– Intermediate (yellow sticker) riders will continue to be coached at 10-11am
– Beginner (white sticker) riders will move to an additional session at 11am-12 noon

This will give us room to grow further, and reduce the reliance on a larger number of coaches at 10am which was becoming a challenge on a weekly basis.

Progression from Beginner, to Intermediate, to Advanced and then Race will still be in place, and assessments will remain in force to ensure riders are ready to move up a group when they demonstrate the required skills to do so.

This change will be effective from Saturday 2nd May.