Saturday Go-Ride Changes

Update 26 March: Since posting this an opportunity has arisen for an alternative plan which would avoid having to change how we charge, but would require the session for some 10am riders to move to a different time on Saturday. Plans are being worked through, therefore in the meantime we will make no changes to the current setup. More details to follow.

Original Post 24 March: Due to rapidly growing popularity amongst our youngest riders for our 10am Saturday morning Go-Ride sessions, we need to make changes to ensure a safe and productive coaching environment.

yell-whiSince the track opened in 2014, more than half of our riders in the Beginner (white sticker) and Intermediate (yellow sticker) groups have attended less than half of available sessions. This results in much greater difficulty in predicting rider numbers each week, making it hard to ensure we have sufficient coaches available.

Whilst we recognise that one of the attractions of the 10am Go-Ride session is the ability to “pay-as-you-go”, we now have 100 riders registered for this session and new riders are visiting us every week. As the weather improves we expect rider numbers would continue to grow unless we take steps to manage attendance.

It is therefore necessary to introduce the following changes:

  • Instead of a weekly payment, the fees will be £10 for every 4 weeks.
  • Fees are to be paid no later than the week before each 4 week period starts – it will not be possible to pay late, and payment can only be made on a Saturday morning.
  • Riders who pay £10 for a 4 week period have first refusal on their attendance for the next 4 weeks. If they do not renew their attendance, their place may be lost.
  • Fees will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis – if maximum capacity is reached, it will not be possible to secure attendance for the next 4 weeks. If this happens, we will open a ‘waiting-list’ for the following 4-week period.
  • If capacity of any session is not reached with riders paying for each 4 week period, we will welcome “pay-as-you-go” riders on a first-come, first served basis on the day. Once session capacity is reached, it will not be possible to ride on the day.
  • No new riders will be registered with immediate effect until the end of April, to give existing riders the opportunity to secure attendance.

Changes are effective from Saturday 11th April, which is week 1 of the first 4 week period. Since the session on the 4th April is cancelled due to Easter, it will be possible to register and pay £10 on either 28th March or 11th April (as a one-off).

We will publicise period dates and number of £10 riders to keep “pay-as-you-go” riders updated on likely capacity for upcoming sessions.