Pedalsport Sunday Club Runs

We have a few members expressing an interest in the club having a Sunday Club run (road Ride). In the past we have struggled to get members to commit to these and after a few weeks the rides have fizzled out.

In the club’s current climate we have now a much bigger number of club riders and people seem keen to add this to the clubs calendar.

We would like to get together 5 or 6 people who would be happy to form the beginning of this group. Discussions to date have suggested a 9:00am meet with a ride returning for lunchtime and including a café stop. To begin there should perhaps be 3 or 4 regular rides over agreed routes, so people can join on route or even short cut to get home early.

If you would be interested in helping co-ordinate these or simply register an interest in joining the rides when sorted could you please confirm your interest by either e-mailing or texting the shop on 07837 943 263

If you would like to discuss any ideas feel free to contact the shop and speak with Mark or Rick.

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