2015 Yorkshire Youth Cycling Teams – Selection etc

We’ve just received this document detailing selection etc for a range of Youth representative events.

2015 Yorkshire Youth Cycling Teams

In 2015, British Cycling Yorkshire will support teams for each of the three inter-regional championships, Road, Track and Mountain Bike (The Track championships will form part of the UK School Games). Detailed below are provisional details for the three events as well as the selection criteria, please note that these are not completely finalised and dates/ venues could change.

The UK School Games incorporating The Inter-regional Track Championships

This year Manchester will host The UK School Games between 4th to 6th September (team will travel to the event on Thursday 3RD). Backed by the Youth Sports Trust and The National Lottery, The School Games is a multi-million pound sporting event; effectively a youth Olympic Games with opening/closing ceremonies etc. Around 2500 athletes will stay together in an athletes village and compete for their regions across 12 Olympic Sports. The Cycling discipline for the event will be track and will be contested over the 9 World Championship events; Sprint, Keirin, Time Trial, Scratch, Points, Pursuit, Madison, Team Sprint and Team Pursuit. The team will be made up of four boys and three girls from either Youth A or Youth B categories.

The Inter-regional Road Championships

The inter-regional Road Championships will take place in the Midlands (exact venue to be confirmed) between 25th-27th September. The team will be made up of four boys and four girls from either Youth A or Youth B categories. In the past the competition has included a road race, team time trial and knock-out sprint competition.

The Inter-regional Mountain Bike Championships

The venue is Hadleigh Farm, Essex, which hosted the 2012 Olympic Mountain Bike competitions. The dates are 18th to 20th September. The team will be made up of four boys and four girls. In the past the competition has included dirt crit races, skills competition, cross country as well as uphill mass start races.

Selection Criteria

The selection of all three teams will be made by The British Cycling Yorkshire Selection Panel. A team manager and coach will be appointed for each event. Overall factors which may affect selection include:

• Performances in specific race series/competitions specified on next page.

• Availability.

• Personal behaviour and discipline.

• Application, ability and attitude displayed at Regional Schools of Racing and other training events promoted by the region.

Although the following race series will form the primary basis for selection we may also use the Yorkshire Winter / Spring training sessions organised by the region to aid selection.

The following race series will be used as a basis for selection for each of the three regional teams (national events will take priority of over regional events):

Inter-regional Track Championships (UK School Games):

• 2015 Youth National Omnium Series http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/track/article/trast-National-Track-Series-Standings

• Manchester Regional Track League http://www.bc-nw.co.uk/mrtl_index

• Manchester ACT Track League http://act-track-league.org.uk/

• York Friday Evening Track League

Inter-regional Road Championships:

• 2015 National Youth Circuit Series http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/youthcircuitseries

• 2015 White Rose Youth League http://www.whiteroseyouthleague.co.uk

Inter-regional Mountain Bike Championships:

• 2015 National MTB Cross Country Series http://www.britishcycling.org.uk/nationalmtbxcseries

• 2015 Nutcracker MTB Series http://www.nutcrackermtb.co.uk/

• 2015 Yorkshire Cyclocross Summer Series http://yorkshirecyclocross.com/

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