Opportunity to ride Velodrome (Youth Cluster session)

This just in from British Cycling Go-Ride coach Kim Meadows:

Sorry for the late notice but we have had to swap the next date of the cluster from the 1st March to the 1st of February due to a clash with the go-ride conference. I will be putting the session online today so that the relevant club kids can enter.

Due to the vast amount of clubs in Yorkshire and the new velodrome being completed at Derby, we have been given 2 slots for Cluster sessions at Manchester. Therefore I have split the clubs into 2 groupings, which will make the allowance for riders in your clubs larger and will mean lots more track time available.

The new sessions will be named Yorkshire 1 and Yorkshire 2. So depending on your clubs grouping you will need to sign post your kids to the correct session. If a child in your club cant make their specific session, then they may go on a waiting list for the next cluster, however this wont guarantee them a ride.

The groupings and dates are as follows:

Yorkshire 1: 1st February

Clifton CC
Holmfirth CC
East Bradford
Wakefield junior tri
Enter Event

Yorkshire 2: 15th March

Ilkley CC
Holme valley whlrs
Huddersfield star whlrs
Sheffield stars

Any questions don’t hesitate to contact me. I am also looking for coaches to help out on the 1st February. These don’t need to be solely from the club groupings. Any coach who can make any of the dates is welcome to coach the cluster sessions. Regards & Happy New Year!

Kim Meadows
Go-Ride Coach – Yorkshire
British Cycling, National Cycling Centre, Stuart Street, Manchester, M11 4DQ
Telephone: 07534281262   Mail: kimmeadows@britishcycling.org.uk

Info: for those not familiar with this sort of event, it’s an opportunity to ride the Manchester Velodrome track with youth riders from the nearby “Cluster” of Yorkshire clubs – there are three levels of experience, from Novice upwards. The session is coached by coaches from these clubs. Typically, in the 3 hour session, each group will get 1 hour of ride time. It’s a good opportunity to ride with able riders on the track and get both a physical and technical workout under the instruction of coaches. Mums and dads usually watch from the stands or pop off and do a bit of shopping nearby. There’s also a decent cafe on site.


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