Saturday Morning Changes

Pedalsport cycling Club has grown considerably in the last few months. As a result, we will be re-organizing our Under-16 members into regular groups, helping coaches to plan and riders to develop for the Saturday morning coaching sessions.

Riders attending Saturday mornings will be split into four groups. Each rider will be given a coloured sticker to attach to their helmets. At the start of the sessions, coaches will be able to quickly create their groups by referring to sticker colours.

The new groups are:

White – Beginner
Yellow – Intermediate
Red – Advanced
Black – Race

Most riders have already been assessed and when they attend their next Saturday session they will receive their sticker. New riders will similarly be assessed and put in a group.

As riders develop, they will be able to move up through the group system. This process will be managed by the coaching team.

Saturday Session Organisation

2014: For the remainder of the 2014 Saturday sessions, the “black” group will continue to attend between 9am and 10am, with the other three groups attending at 10am to 11am. The final Saturday session of 2014 will be held on the 6th December.

2015: The Saturday morning sessions will resume on 31 January 2015. Riders will, from this date onwards, attend at the following times:
– 9am to 10am – Race & Advanced riders (black and red stickers)
– 10am to 11am – Intermediate & Beginner riders (yellow and white stickers)

Finally, during the winter months, the club will be training a further batch of new coaches to British Cycling Level 2, helping to spread the coaching load and broaden the coaching knowledge and experience available to the club.


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