Cyclo-Cross Training – New Venue from 30 Sept

We’re moving the Tuesday evening Cyclo-Cross training to Brooksbank School’s playing fields from 30 Sept 2014 (park in the sports hall car park to the rear of the school, off Linden Rd).

The session will also be slightly re-structured:

6.30 – 7.30 Youths – coached skills, fitness and simulated racing
7.00 – 7.30 Adult warm up – riders free to warm up/train on a marked lap on the playing fields. This will be unsupervised
7.30 – 8.30 Adults & invited youths – coached skills, fitness and simulated racing

A few things to note – the playing fields are a very different environment to the Savile Park venue. There is much less light. Although we will be providing some lighting, it’s strongly advised that for the adult session you bring a good-quality front lamp.

Riders will also have to follow instructions re staying off the main football pitches. We’ll help with this with markers/tape etc, but common sense and responsibility are needed from all those taking part.

The Brooksbank fields are a heavier, damper environment. This will make training harder/tougher and may mean that younger Youths cannot share the adult session as previously. We will monitor this and advise riders accordingly.

The plus side is that there are many more technical training options at Brooksbank and we will look to exploit these in our training sessions. Brooksbank is also a safer, more secure environment, especially for younger riders.

We’re also keen that the riders who attend these sessions are keen, motivated and either already racing Cyclo-Cross or intend to work towards doing so in the near future. These are not casual fitness/fun sessions and riders need to concentrate and be motivated and focused throughout and be of sufficient strength/age/fitness to fully participate. If you have any concerns, please chat to one of the coaches.

Finally, due to the greater chance of getting wet and muddy, we’d advise all riders to bring a change of clothes.

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