Coaching Tips – Cyclo-Cross 2

Back by popular demand, here’s a bit more Cyclo-Cross footage to get you thinking more about your riding. We’ve chosen a couple of the popular and informative #SVENNESS videos from early last season. They are both topical, not only for their excellent analysis of how top riders win races, but also because they both feature dry races. Mud isn’t always present on ‘Cross courses and its absence opens up a raft of tactical options, usually dictated by the high speeds attained on dry courses.

So, things to look for include the sheer effort and intensity the top riders put into their starts; the tops vs drops options when sprinting; how to judge when and if to ride the hurdles; how to use obstacles to launch winning attacks; and how team-mates can work together to eliminate the opposition, before sorting their own battle out at the finish.

We won’t all be in a winning position in the next few weeks, but we can all make sure we beat our closest rivals by simply out-riding and out-smarting them #SVENNESS

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