Coaching Tips – Cyclo-Cross

With the new Cyclo-Cross season upon us and Pedalsport training sessions every Tuesday night from 2 Sept 2014 on Savile Park (near the chippy!), here are a few recommended coaching and tips videos to get you thinking about your riding. We’ll be covering much of this during training sessions.


Nice footage of the dismount before an obstacle, with slo-mo revealing the ideal 2-step approach:

Interesting analysis by top US rider Jeremy Powers on why he no longer advises the “step through” dismount on the grounds of it being higher risk:

In GCN’s video, Belgian pro Bart Wellens demos more dismounts:


GCN’s video makes several good points including why it’s important to pick your bike up vertically; why you’re aiming to slide into the saddle (not jump), and why it’s worth practicing remounting from both sides, “just in case!”


Nice American video on cornering – makes some really good points about how corners change during a race (and how you should react to this), how exit speed is important, and how to make passing moves through corners…and how to defend against them:

Bart Wellens shows smooth cornering technique in this nice little GCN tips video:

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