National Trophy Raffle Results

For all of you wanting to check your tickets here is a list of the prizes and the winning tickets.

We have contacted everyone we can from the tickets

Mavic Wheels     798  claimed
Hope Brakes       1747 claimed
Festina Watch     538  claimed
Lazer Helmet Yellow   1263  claimed
Lazer Helmet Orange  1616
Lazer Helmet Red/Black  502
Lazer Helmet Genius 820  claimed
Lazer Helmet Genius  614
Lazer Helmet Genius  269 claimed
Cyling Print  1253 claimed
Lazer Sunglasses 1692
Lazer Sunglasses  1207 claimed
Lazer Sunglasses 1251 claimed
Lazer Sunglasses  808
Lazer Sunglasses  1611
Lazer Sunglasses   1413 claimed
Helen Wyman Beanie  267 claimed
Helen Wyman Beanie  638 claimed
Specialized Shorts  873
Specialized Jersey White  175
Specialized Womens Tights  356 claimed
Specialized Womens Jersey 643 claimed
Specialized Mens Jersey 461 claimed
Specialized Ladies T Shirt  1050
Specialized Mens T Shirt  558  claimed
Cake Womens T Shirt  342
Cakes Womens T Shirt   462 claimed
Carlsburg Goodies  1128 claimed






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