Bradford – Thank you!

Fred Rothwell has asked us to pop up a note on his behalf……to which we’ve added a small note of our own. A huge thank you to everyone from the Pedalsport Club who contributed to the running of this weekend’s National Trophy cyclo-cross event in Peel Park. The number of people involved from the club precludes mentioning individuals. But the range and quantity of work and commitment that went into the weekend and into the many months of planning was remarkable. It’s testament to the strength of the club and the talents of it members that we were able to pull off such a successful event. We should also say thanks to the many volunteers from outside the club who helped us in so many ways. Again, they are too numerous to mention individually, but without their collective efforts we could not have run the event. Finally, we probably speak for everyone when we deviate from not mentioning names to say well done to Fred Rothwell. Whilst we all contributed, one way or another, his input alone was indispensable.

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