News: Brooksbank Cycle Track

16th October 2013hamerstones 003
As some of you are aware the new cycle track is now under construction on the Hammerstones site, near Brooksbank School. Pedalsport has been working with the school on such a project as far back as 2010 when provisional plans were drawn. Early this year the school managed to secure funding for the project and we now have the final plans for the circuit.

For those thinking that we were just getting 1 circuit, have a close look at the plans – in reality, we are getting 5 circuits for the price of 1. This is a really exciting development for us and means that for training and the development of our youth riders the track will be a fantastic tool.


Main architect’s plan of the site – see pdf download at foot of page for full version of this plan

Shorter circuit options – ideal for children’s sessions
The long, smooth circuit, ideal for steady “chaingang” style training. Plus short children’s circuit.
Longer, technical circuit – ideal for racing

Download full plan of Hammerstones cycle track (pdf file)

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